Invariant failed: Cannot update droppable registration as no previous registration was found - react-beautiful-dnd

Background of sample: I have a list of questions and for each question list of answers nested. I should be able to re-order question and the answers within a question as well.
Steps to reproduce:
Move Question 2 draggable to question 1 and then to question 0. It would throw the error [1]. Basically moving any element from bottom most section to the top would throw this error.
Below is the sample code with which I am able to reproduce the issue:
Any thoughts if there is something wrong with my code or it is a library issue?
[1] "Invariant failed: Cannot update droppable registration as no previous registration was found"


Jasper charts - Undefined length exception

I have 16 bar charts in my jasper report.
when I loaded it the first time , I had no issues and all 16 of them loaded.
However ,on consecutive runs, I get this error . The nodata section has been added in the jrxml and I have added this as per my reading on the internet but have added no success
<printWhenExpression><![CDATA[$V{REPORT_COUNT} > 0]]></printWhenExpression>
Any ideas on this?
This was solved after I mapped the parameters inside the chart. This was missed. Also, adding a no data condition to the chart helped in showing a no data scenario in a user friendly manner

Gravity Forms Personality Quiz Add-On

I'm trying to figure out how to hack this plugin Gravity Forms Personality Quiz Add-on. (
Basically I've created 4 fields in ACF to add more "weight" to specific questions within the quiz, to essentially 'force' a tiebreaker rather then use the random option tie breaking function the plugin comes with. Within the backend ACF fields we store the numbers of the questions in order of importance (ie. field one has the number 2 in it to denote that question 2 is the most important question in the event of a tiebreaker).
Each answer has a specific letter value associated with it N,I,S or D. In the event of a tie (ie. same number of "N's" & "I's" chosen) the code should cycle through and see if first tiebreaker question (question 2 in this case) has a value of either N or I. If so, then that letter would be the final result. If neither N or I was chosen for question 2 the tiebreaker code should then move on to the next highest weighted question and preform the same test, and so on.
Problem is that it only seems to work for the first quiz and ONLY "Your Love Style Quiz" the partner quiz doesn't work at all.
If anyone has any suggestions on how to get this working please let me know.
Here is the link to the thread and my code:
Got this working, seems that having questions prior to the quiz questions were interfering with the quiz results. By moving them to the bottom, the tiebreakers now work as expected.

Symfony form design, entity design

I'm working on a small app with a survey syste. I've did most of the part but i'm stuck at generating the survey itself.
Based on the following requirements this is how my form should work:
Survey Manager Entity:
Define survey name - done
Define a scope of the survey - done
Define instructions on the survey - done
Adding questions to the survey -not done.
All above are made in a single form that it is build by parsing the Entity to the form.
Now i need to add questions to the survey. The questions are stored in their own table called QuestionManager with a many to many association on a table where i define answers called AnswerManager.
The way that the survey form should work and i have no idea how to achieve this and that's why i came here asking for help.
The survey is based on chapters so first of all i should have a button to add a chapter then have a button to add questions to that chapter and after i'm done adding to that chapter move on to the next chapter ( again click on add chapter ) and continue ading questions.
The field to add a question should be a dropdown that means i can have an EntityType field no problem here, after selecting from the dropdown field the question a simple form should appear with all the assigned answers to that question and be able to modify them and this is the tricky part which again i'm not sure how to achieve it.
As a list how it should work:
- Add chapter
- Add Question - from dropdown and load the answers for it
- Be able to modify answers to the selected question
- After all the questions have been added to the survey it should be
submitted and saved or returned with the errors
All i have so far as design and code:
- I know i should have one more table where i should store all the above
- The form will be a nested one i think
Can you guys take some time and help me figure out how to do this maybe with a bare-bone example ideas, etc?
I would use an Array for that task:
[chapter0] => array(
[question0] => 'Here comes your question to edit',
[question1] => 'There is the other question,
[chapter1] => array(
Store that to the database into an Array Collection or serialize it and store it then.
I hope this will give you an idea to point you in a different direction.

Access 2010 Form Population

Its been a very long time since I have done anything with Access but I am using version 2010 I have a table that gets populated with the answers for a questionnaire, there are multiple forms to complete but the following is happening.
You login to the form, this is the first time anyone populates the form so the back table is empty, everything fills in fine. The next person logs in, the first page of the questionnaire has all questions blank then you pick your options and then move on the second page (fine up to here), on the second page all the questions are showing answers from the first person that populated the question so somehow my 2 records have become disjointed so when competing the questionnaire as the second person I am now just overwriting the answers the first person gave. Can anyone point me in the direction of what I am doing wrong.
As suggested the navigation between forms in done using a button at the bottom of each form attached to a Macro, I don't seem to be able to show the code but in the design view the Macro Looks like this on Form 1
Object Name
Save Prompt
Form Name Answers_B
View Form
Filter Name
Where Condition
Data Mode
Window Mode Normal
If there is anything else that I can add to further assist please let me know.
Thanks Phil

Monitoring Page Refresh Options

This is more of an open ended question as opposed to me actually posting code but here is what I am doing:
I have several actions that give the user points toward rewards on our site. I have created several pixel trackers which use a javascript document.write to fire when the page loads, the image passes the necessary variables my PHP program with does the DB work and by using the header function, returns a GIF image. This all work great and I'm very happy with it but I need to find a solution for stopping the user from simply refreshing the page where they earned the points and keep collecting. I have tried using a PHP cookie which worked but say I navigated somewhere else on the site for example wrote 2 reviews on different products, it doesnt give me points for the 2nd review. I tried detecting refresh in javascript to stop the image from firing if so but no code seems to work right, anybody have any ideas or insight?
You should create a table that logs the reward points and when that code processes it and adds new points it checks there first.
So each time you award a point, store it in a log:
John Smith 1 point on a review id # 20029
Then when he refreshes, check the log:
Did John Smith get a point for this review id # 20029? Yes.
Yes { do nothing }
No { Add a point } get the idea -- use a sql table for this.